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Poncho Liner
  • Made of 100% nylon, quilted with fiberfill insulation, strings attached

Color: Digital Desert, Army Digital, Digital Woodland, Woodland

Price: $36.00
Ripstop Poncho
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  • Made of Ripstop P/U coated waterproof material
  • Built-in hood with drawstring
  • Stuff bag with drawstring closure

Color: Digital Woodland, Digital Desert, Army Digital
Size: 57" x 88"

Price: $28.00
Snugpak Aquacover 45 Waterproof Rucksack Cover
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The first choice to keep your performance backpack and rucksack dry. By adding this waterproof cover you are protecting and keeping the contents within your pack nice and dry for use when needed. The Aquacover is lightweight and easy to wash and care for. - Velcro attachment system, backwards compatible with the Snugpak range - Elastic edges help to ensure a snug fit on any pack - Complete with cord and cord lock to further secure the cover - 100% Waterproof Rip Stop Nylon Fits rucksacks up to 45 Litres Perfect for the Snugpak Endurance
Price: $28.00